Bottle labelling

Round Bottle Labeling MachineSemi-automatic round bottle labeling machine, is a semi-automatic table-type machine with motor and touch control by limit switch and small volume, which can be suitable to combine with the vertical filling and packaging machine.

It is widely used in daily chemicals, food and beverages, medicine, chemical and other light industries.

Suitable for different sizes of adhesive labels or adhesive films on all types of round bottles, round tanks, round barrels for self-adhesive labelling, high precision and high speed.

The machine is applicable to round bottles of various sizes. It can only be used independently and cannot be added in the production line


– The machine has a suitable structure, reliable performance and is easy to operate. It has photoelectric detection which guarantees the accuracy of the labelling.
– It has advanced labelling mechanism to ensure labelling accuracy.
– Adaptable, it can label bottles of various sizes.
– The optical eye of the label, whose sensitivity is adjustable, can identify the label backing paper of various transmittance, compare and adjust the sensitivity to light and optimally adjust the labels of different lengths to ensure smooth and correct labelling.
– Most of the mechanisms, including the frame, pin and clip, have a stainless steel and aluminium profile